Resulting from years of research experience in particle physics, our company was founded in 2009, as a Turin University spin-off company, with the aim of industrializing detectors for particle-therapy, an advanced radiation technique for inoperable and radio-resistant tumours. We specialized in the design and manufacturing of high-performance medical devices, for the monitoring and verification of therapeutic particle beams both during patient treatment and daily quality control of the particle accelerator. During these years we had the opportunity to carry out various research projects, enhancing our scientific, engineering and management expertises.
Nowadays we offer particle physics solutions for different applications to help our Customers improving their manufacturing processes and clinical procedures.



Giuseppe Pittà
  • Giuseppe Pittà
    Giuseppe Pittà CEO

    After getting his MSc degree in Physics in 2003, he collaborates for a few years with the Experimental Physics Dept of the University of Turin and with the INFN, co-authoring numerous publications. Between 2004 and 2009, he works at TERA Foundation and then in a CERN spin-off company which develops linear accelerators for particle therapy, after a short period in Varian Vacuum Technologies. He actively partecipates at the collaboration between research institutes and foundations for prototyping of ionization chambers for the CNAO synchrotron (Italy) and for testing activities of similar detectors carried out at the Paul Scherrer Institut (Switzerland), at the Loma Linda Medical Center (USA), at the Protontherapy Center of Orsay (France) and at the National Laboratories of South Italy in Catania. In 2009 he funds DE.TEC.TOR. Curious and always propositive, everyday he has an operative role in all business areas, by sharing enthusiasm and proactivity with the members of his team. Since 2013 he is active member of “Ciao Ci sentiamo”, a Turin non-profit organization in support of children with hearing aid and implants, contributing to the realization of cultural and social initiatives to raise public and institutions awareness and on hypoacusis.

Marco Lavagno
  • Marco Lavagno
    Marco Lavagno Sales Manager

    After his Master’s degree in Biomedical Physics in 2008,  Marco is the first employee of DE.TEC.TOR since December 2009. He deals with the manufacturing of the first products and the first adventures of the newly formed spin-off, establishing early relationships with European proton therapy centers as CNAO, APSS, CATANA (Italy), PSI (Switzerland), GSI (Germany) and CPO (France). From January 2011 to July 2012 he moved to CNAO to participate to the commissioning of the Dose Delivery System. Here he becomes familiar with clinical practice in Particle Therapy. From September 2012 Marco is responsible for the MedAustron project, which is about the provision of beam monitors for the new Austrian particle facility. This project leads to a prototype, developed by the University and INFN Torino, to become a real CE marked medical device. He’s also responsible for the maintenance of medical devices installed in the various treatment centers, thus maintaining close relationships with the medical world.

Vanessa La Rosa
  • Vanessa La Rosa
    Vanessa La Rosa Executive Manager

    After her Bachelor’s Degree in Communications Engineering at the University of Catania in 2006, she moves to Turin where she gets her Master of Science in Communications Engineering at the Politecnico di Torino with a thesis on the remote monitoring of heart sounds developed in collaboration with ST Microelectronics. She starts her carrier in Particle Therapy, becoming the second employee of DE.TEC.TOR. and dealing with the technical documentation of the first devices developed by the newborn firm. In 2010 she moves to London, to carry out an experimental research project for the development of a on-line tool for the in vivo verification of the dose delivered to ocular tumour patients, through the analysis of Proton Induced X-ray Emissions (PIXE) and X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) signals in collaboration with the Clatterbridge Proton Center. In 2014 she gets a PhD in Medical Physics and Bioengineering at University College London (UCL). During these years she has the opportunity to deepen her scientific and technological know-how in various European research centers, and to disclose the results of her research activity in peer reviewed journals and conferences. Since 2013 she is again part of DE.TEC.TOR. team. She deals with the identification of innovative research projects, new business opportunities and markets, supporting the R&D team during the design phase and promoting the outcome of this research activity with potential customers. Since November 2016, she is Project Leader of Xsafe- PACK, a EU-funded research project  for the implementation of a in-line monitoring system of heavy metals and molecular contaminants in food contact materials.

Sabrina Vicino
  • Sabrina Vicino
    Sabrina Vicino Operations Manager

    Graduated in Business Administration in 2012, she tries out her competences in DE.TEC.TOR. right away, supporting business and data management system set up. She specialized in operations management, by dealing with resources and processes optimization, investments analysis and financial performances improvement. For several years she worked on project financial planning and cost control, implementing a flexible, sustainable and constantly monitored business management. According to training DE.TEC.TOR.’s policy, in 2016  she gets a Master’s degree in Sales Process Management thus improving DE.TEC.TOR. Customer’s management system. Today she is responsible in maintaining an efficient business environment to reach strategic goals, led by a systemic and customer oriented approach.

Alberto Di Domenico
  • Alessandro di Domenico
    Alessandro di Domenico Production Manager

    Alessandro gets his MSc degree in Physics in 2009 with a thesis on x-ray absorption spectroscopy analysis of chemical catalizers used for hydrogen production, carried out at the  European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF) in Grenoble. As first activity, he works for three years at the laboratory of hydrogen technologies HySyLab at the Environment Park of Turin, science park for the environment, with the role of Application Engineer. During these years, he works both on European and regional research projects, developing techniques and skills needed to create software for data acquisition and specific hardware setups. Since 2012 he is Production Manager of DE.TEC.TOR. dealing with the management of suppliers, materials for the warehouse and coordination of all laboratory activities and supervising the electronic design and device prototyping. He is leader of a project for the development of a medical device for intraoperative radiation therapy (IORT).

Gorana Malesevic
  • Gorana Malesevic
    Gorana Malesevic Quality Manager

    In 2017 she gets the Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering at the Politecnico di Torino, after an internship at the A.O.U. Città della Salute e della Scienza di Torino. In the same university she then attends the Master’s degree course in Biomedical Instrumentation, where she deepens the study of the medical application of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation and where she specializes in the design of diagnostic and therapeutic medical devices, also acquiring knowledge in European and international medical device regulations. She obtains the MS’s degree in 2019 with a thesis dealing with the design and realization of a wearable microwave antenna prototype. She works on the thesis at the LACE (Antenna and EMC Lab) of POLITO as part of the “MiBraScan” project, a Research Project of National Significant Interest for the development of a stroke diagnosis and monitoring system. After a three-month internship, in April 2020 she joins the DE.TEC.TOR team becoming the responsible for Process and Product Quality. Precise, creative and curious, she passionately applies her transversal skills, facing every challenge with a proactive attitude.

Soufiane Laaouina
  • Soufiane Laaouina
    Soufiane Laaouina Product Design Manager

    He studies at the Amedeo Avogadro Technical institute of Turin, getting the qualification of mechatronics and automation Expert. Since 2013, he is the mechanical designer of DE.TEC.TOR., dealing with drawing and prototyping of medical devices and industrial products. Expert of CAD software, he works on technical drawings, starting from the draft provided by the R&D team up to the construction of the final assembly. He manages the drawings database, partecipates to the design transfer and assists the production staff during the prototype manufacturing.

Grazhina Kostyleva
  • Grazhina Kostyleva
    Grazhina Kostyleva Manufacturing & Laboratory Responsible

    She works for years in a russian factory, leader in electronics industry, dealing with the production of dosimeters and electronics for nuclear purposes. In 2004 she moves to Italy, working for the Turin section of INFN, when she is assigned to the CMS experiment at CERN. Meticolous artisan, she relies on ten-year experience in production of electronics and bench testing. Thanks to her acquired know-how in particle detection physics, since September 2012 she works in DE.TEC.TOR production team, taking care of components assembling and testing, welding and electonic boards production.

Alessandro Allegra
  • Alessandro Allegra
    Alessandro Allegra Manufacturing and Maintenance&Calibration Responsible

    In 2006 he gets the qualification of electronic operator. From 2010 to 2013, he works as test driver for the company Prototipo, where he performs technical road tests of FCA group cars. In 2014 he begins his experience in DE.TEC.TOR., establishing himself as electronics technician. Specialized in electromechanical assembling, testing and maintenance, he improves soon his competences in electronic boards design. He deals with product testing and maintenance, instruments internal calibration and warehouse management.

Federico Fausti
  • Federico Fausti
    Federico Fausti R&D Manager

    After getting his Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Physics in Brescia, he moved to Turin, where, in 2015, he obtained his Master’s degree in Nuclear and Biomedical Physics at the University of Turin, working on the feasibility study of a front-end electronics for innovative detectors for particle therapy. He enrolled on an advanced training course sponsored by DE.TEC.TOR. and culminated in a PhD in Electronic Engineering at the Polytechnic of Turin, in collaboration with the National Institute for Nuclear Physics (INFN). During those years and in the following two spent as an INFN research fellow, he dealt with the design and characterization of custom integrated circuits for medical and high energy physics applications. During his research career, he distinguished himself for his strategic and project management skills, and validated them in an international context, by working for the MINI EUSO project in 2016, at the Skobelstyn Institute of Nuclear Physics in Moscow.

    In 2019, in parallel with his research activity, he obtained the Master in Marketing & Digital Specialist of the 24Ore Business School.

    After spending two months in Silicon Valley as a consultant for the Santa Cruz Institute for Particle Physics, in March 2020 he came back to Turin to join the DE.TEC.TOR. Team as R&D Manager, bringing its enthusiasm and eclectic vision and passion for technology.

Alida Giai Arcota
  • Alida Giai Arcota
    Alida Giai Arcota Administrative Staff

    She takes her diploma in Accounting and after that she begins her career managing for 10 years a perfume shop. After a series of experiences in companies in the account department, in 2012 she starts to work in DE.TEC.TOR. Here she deals with the accounting and supports the production department and R&D in supply chain management.


Founded in June 2019 and arising from DE.TEC.TOR. ten-year experience in research and development, TORET Devices fills the gap between innovative ideas and product realization, giving support to DE.TEC.TOR. in technology transfer, design and software development and product compliance.

Fabrizio Pace
  • Fabrizio Pace
    Fabrizio Pace Design Development

    He gets the Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering at the University of Rome in 2009 and the MSc degree in Biomedical Engineering at the Politecnico di Torino in 2012. Licensed to professional practice as industrial engineer, in 2012 he collaborates with the Institute of Cancer Research and Treatment of Turin, dealing with multiphysics modelling of tissues treated with an equipment for hyperthermia combined with conventional radiation therapy, and he is technical consultant for acquisition and training of RF equipments in medical practice. Winner of the 2013 CRT announcement in Medical physics and Bioengineering, he moves to Geneva at CERN, dealing with linear accelerator for hadrontherapy and monitoring system of charged particle beam at the TERA Foundation. Meanwhile, he obtains the TPI master in Economics and Business Management. Experienced in technology transfer and design development, he is certified in clinical evaluation and risks management of medical device and machinery. Passionate in interdisciplinary approaches and qualified in feasibility studies, risk management and design transfer, he has a proactive temperament and a reliable eye for details and innovation technologies.

  • Mattia Fontana
    Mattia Fontana Software development

    Starting from a pure particle physics background, with bachelor and master degrees obtained at the University of Turin in 2011 and 2013, respectively, he moved to medical physics applications thanks to a scholarship financed by the Cassa di Risparmio di Torino (CRT). Since June 2014 till September 2015, as a junior research collaborator, he was involved in the final tests of a novel proton range radiography system at the TERA Foundation at CERN in Geneva. Selected as PhD student for the excellence program of the LabEx PRIMES at the Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 in 2015, he worked on the development of prompt gamma detection devices for hadrontherapy monitoring and nuclear medicine applications, and got his PhD in December 2018 and was enrolled as post doctoral researcher till April 2019 in Lyon. Back to Italy, he brings his passion and research experience by focusing his activity on innovative software creation. Always enthusiast about technology, he never stops learning and testing new approaches to the development of original ideas.

Our Vision and
Mission Value

By working in this innovative environment and collaborating with important scientific partners from all around the world, we conceived a company idea that we believe is one of our key characteristics.

Ideas change the World
An idea based on continuous research and development of new technologies to support customers with specific needs that market fails to satisfy.

An idea based on competences, continuous training, curiosity and dynamism in a business world that always demands for more flexibility.

An idea we have focused on, which allows us to design and create new technologically advanced devices based on specific requirements and for different applications.


We are competent, forward thinker, constantly up-to-date and we aim to translate our research experience in innovation for everyone.

We dedicate ourselves to our Customer, that is first and foremost a Partner to champion new ideas with.

Ideas that could add real value and provide different and unique solutions for a large variety of applications.

We build long-lasting relationships with our Customers, starting from the project feasibility study, up to the final installation and well beyond, because trust and reliability are our core values.

We tackle every new challenge with interest, curiosity and passion.


We have a certified ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 quality management system which constantly helps us setting up our business processes with a customer-oriented approach and towards a continuous improvement of our skills and services.


As a Spin-off company, we strongly believe in collaboration and networking. We understand the importance of building longlasting partnerships to focus on innovation, by being part of a wider organization, which strives to achieve common goals. We have aimed at creating a strong network of providers, customers and scientific partners, to share knowledge and competences with and set new standards in our industry. From design to sales, we collaborate with companies, consultants and research facilities, which support us in technical decisions, implementation and management of the most suitable solution for each kind of project, thus contributing to high quality performances of our devices.


We apply particle physics to design and manufacture customized innovative solutions and support our Customers in enhancing their quality and safety standards.

The Group

We think synergies stand for growth opportunities.
This is why in 2018 we joined with Tecnologie Avanzate, Technologic and Euro Imaging Group, with the aim to give more importance to innovation value.



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