University of Turin, Physics

University of Turin, Physics

Detector is a University of Turin spin-out company, founded in 2009 from the experimental activities of the Medical Physics department.
A long lasting partnership is repeatedly enforced by collaboration projects and successful technology transfers.

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ENEA Agenzia nazionale per le nuove tecnologie, l'energia e lo sviluppo economico sostenibile

Detector has a partnership with ENEA particle accelerator facility research group where joint scientific and R&D activities take places with a high intensity pulsed beam. The picture shows NextQ challenged with the ENEA accelerator.



Trento Institute for Fundamental Physics
DE.TEC.TOR. has a partnership with the Trento INFN section and the reference particle accelerator facility where installed a QA monitor for the Experimental room.




The Holland Protonen Therapie Centrum installed the DE.TEC.TOR. monitoring system in its Experimental room.
Currently DE.TEC.TOR. and the Holland Protonen Therapie collaborate for an R&D activity focused on Flash Therapy applications



Ocular Tumour Treatment
QEye is a range and modulation verification in ocular tumour therapy.
This device results from a successful technology transfer with the Helmholtz Zentrum für Materialien und Energie GmbH in Berlin (HZB).

University of Turin, Chemistry

University of Turin, Chemistry

The collaboration between Detector and the Department of Chemistry, University of Turin exploits the expertise of the two partners in their respective relevant areas. The research project is aimed at producing a new portable instrument that combines an advanced setup from the technological and scientific point of view, trhough the integration of multiple spectroscopy techniques, with the ability to respond in a targeted and adaptable way to the requirements and needs of different end-users.

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INFN – Laboratori Nazionali del Sud
On line monitoring system of laser-driven particle accelerator (European project)





The Holland Protonen Therapie Centrum is equipped with the DE.TEC.TOR. eye-package QA system.

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QA system
APSS - Centro di protonterapia di Trento
miniQ-STRIP for periodical verification of clinical beams

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Dose Delivery System
EBG MedAustron GmbH
Provision and maintenance of five online control systems for therapeutic particle beams

I2M System
EBG MedAustron GmbH
Provision and maintenance of five systems for the redundant monitoring of particle beam intensity

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DDS Commissioning
Fondazione CNAO - Centro Nazionale di Adroterapia Oncologica
Taking part in the commissioning of the beam delivery system (protons and carbon ions)

CNAO Experimental room
Fondazione CNAO - Centro Nazionale di Adroterapia Oncologica
Beam monitoring system for experimental room

PSI  <img src=https://detector-group.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/svizzera.jpg>


Beam Monitor Strip
Paul Scherrer Institute
Online monitoring of proton beams (profile and position)

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Beam Monitor Pixel
Institut Curie - Centre de protonthérapie Orsay
Online monitoring of proton beams (intensity and 2D shape)

QA system
Institut Curie - Centre de protonthérapie Orsay
miniQ-STRIP and QUBE for routine quality assurance procedures of clinical particle beams


Leo Cancer Care

Leo Cancer Care

Quality Assurance
Detector is working in partnership with Leo Cancer Care to bring state-of-the-art, quality assurance products to the US Particle Therapy market that are FDA approved and CE marked. The six quality assurance products monitor charged particle therapeutic beams for daily quality assurance procedures. Leo Cancer Care will bring their expertise in the Proton Therapy space together with Detector’s wealth of QA measurement knowledge to provide a fully integrated QA solution.

ITEL Telecomunicazioni <img src=https://detector-group.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/italia.jpg>

ITEL Telecomunicazioni

ITEL Telecomunicazioni
Beam diagnostics instrument for linear accelerator alignement and energy measurements


  • I got to know DE.TEC.TOR. at PTCOG52, held in Essen in 2013. From the very first approach I thought it was a serious and technologically advanced company for its innovative solutions for diagnostics in particle physics. So we started a fruitful collaboration for the development of mini-IC, a detector designed by DE.TEC.TOR. in order to measure the characteristics of the proton beam produced by our linear accelerator. Thanks to this great and versatile tool we have been able to carry out both beam profile and energy measurements with a only one detector. The device has a very well-conceived design and a practical and user-friendly software. DE.TEC.TOR. personnel was always very helpful to provide both remote and on-site support throughout the period of use of the instrument, both for its initial configuration and for its use. Given the great professionalism of the company, the collaboration will definitely continue in the upcoming years with the aim of jointly developing the world's first dose delivery system for linear protons accelerators.

    Raffaele Prisco
    Raffaele Prisco ITEL Telecomunicazioni
  • I had the opportunity to work with DE.TEC.TOR. team, especially in the recent months. The high quality of their instruments goes along with their technical expertise and availability to scientific debates. It was easy to synergize the demands and ideas that derive from the daily clinical application with the know-how that comes from those who, as in their case, put passion and enthusiasm into work.

    Alfredo Mirandola
    Alfredo Mirandola Centro Nazionale Adroterapia Oncologica (CNAO)
  • We started our collaboration with DE.TEC.TOR.  back in 2014 when we were looking for companies who are able to provide beam monitors with the intended accuracy for a particular patient safety system and at the same time ensuring compliance to the MDD. From the beginning DE.TEC.TOR.  had a good understanding of our needs and assisted in developing the specifications in a highly professional manner. Eventually, a first prototype showed promising results regarding the technical performance of the system and lead the way towards a successful CE certification of the devices. Of course it was essential for MedAustron to keep the project schedule and DE.TEC.TOR.   managed to stay within time and budget for the whole delivery. MedAustron constantly has strong constraints on service and maintenance timeslots because of the 24/7 operation of the Therapy Accelerator for patient treatment, non-clinical research, as well as further commissioning and development. DE.TEC.TOR.  has proven high flexibility in respect of service scheduling to allow minimizing the impact on MedAustron’s operation and at the same time still ensuring the high quality needs in the context of medical devices. Based on our positive experience of the recent years, we are looking forward to potentially collaborating even closer in the future.

    Gregor Kowarik
    Gregor Kowarik EBG Medaustron GmbH
  • At Institut Curie - Centre de Protonthérapie d'Orsay we collaborate with DE.TEC.TOR. group since the beginning of their activity. Thanks to their expertise in the field coming from INFN and CERN background, it was very easy to share and realize our needs. As few examples, they provided us with pixel chambers needed to monitor the beam in our fixed treatment room, and they had all of our confidence in realizing the first MLIC with large anodes when no other solutions were available on the market. One of their strength is their capacity to make a product according to the customer specifications and to be ready to find personalized solutions. Definitely, we recommend their services and products!

     Annalisa Patriarca
    Annalisa Patriarca Institut Curie - Centre de Protonthérapie d'Orsay
  • I met DE.TEC.TOR. in 2014. Since then I had the opportunity to appreciate their many qualities in different projects. They stand out for the rare ability to combine top-level scientific technical skills with entrepreneurial experience which are uncommon for start-ups. We have collaborated in the design and implementation of a phantom for quality controls of electron-accelerators dedicated to IOERT (Intra Operative Electron RadioTherapy) and the design and production of customized dosimeters. In each of these tasks, DE.TEC.TOR's team has shown to fully understand and be able to manage at best all the aspects related to the design and manufacturing of a medical device (which is not a trivial challenge!) All these remarkable abilities make DE.TEC.TOR an ideal partner!

    Giuseppe Felici
    Giuseppe Felici Sordina IORT Technologies


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