Proton Flash Therapy Real Time Monitoring


Despite high conformality of dose to tumour in proton therapy, side effects of radiation treatments are still a major concern for clinicians. Therefore, it is of clinical interest to develop methods that spare normal healthy tissue from toxic radiation.

Flash radiotherapy is a novel external non-invasive radiation technique that consists in delivering a high dose at an ultra-high speed (>30 Gy/sec) thus causing oxygen depletion in cells.

While healthy tissues seems to better withstand such method of irradiation, tumour has the same level of sensitivity as to conventional treatments and that enables dose escalation to levels that destroy tumor tissues even in high hypoxia with almost no impact on healthy surrounding tissues.
The dosimetry and treatment monitoring for this kind of treatments offer a few challenges due to the high intensity dose and short radiation time.
Conventional detectors based on ionization chambers may be affected by recombination effects and front-end electronics by saturation.

R&D – Flash Therapy


DE.TEC.TOR. new generation devices is conceived to be able to deal with the beam currents expected in flash therapy.  We have worked on reducing data acquisition time and avoid signal saturation, still guaranteeing high precision in real-time determination of the beam position.

Our novel technology core is the new version of the TERA front-end ASIC. Due to its low noise current-to-frequency converter and its circuit designed to reach mA input currents, the TERA chip has the capability of measuring the highest intensity pulsed beams, still achieving a great sensitivity at low currents.



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